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LifeAfter Codes (March 2023)

Here are all new LifeAfter Redeem Codes.

LifeAfter calls itself a doomsday survival open-world game. And yeah it stays true to the claim. You are a survivor in an apocalyptic world filled with zombies around every corner. You need to gather resources and keep yourself alive to see another day. And with regular updates on the way, there is no harm in using free goodies from some redeem codes. So here are some of the LifeAfter Redeem Codes and how to use them to get rewards through the official webpage.

These codes are working as of March 4, 2023, when we checked. But codes tend to expire in 2 to 3 days. We will be updating new codes as they are released.

LifeAfter Redeem Codes (March 2023)

LifeAfter Codes


These codes are shared by appgamer.com and all credits belong to them & other users who shared the codes on the site. Here are all the LifeAfter Redeem Codes:

  • 21HappyYOX – Redeem Code for free rewards
  • Discord100 – Redeem Code for free rewards
  • ktjb79nsav – Redeem Code for free rewards
  • Obrigado – Redeem Code for free rewards

Expired Codes

Currently, we believe there are some expired codes in the game. But due to the vast amount of codes shared across different forums, and videos, we will not be attaching each of them here.

How to Redeem Present Codes?

Here’s how to redeem Codes:

  1. Start the game on your device
  2. Click on the “Settings” button
  3. This will be on the upper right corner of the screen
  4. A new window will open up now
  5. Make sure you are on the “Account” menu
  6. This can be checked from the left side tabs
  7. Inside the “Account” tab you will find your Account ID
  8. This will be below your profile pic, and Nickname
  9. Note down this Account ID
  10. Now go to the official redeem page
  11. Enter your Account ID here
  12. Next, select your “Game Server”
  13. Once done, enter the redeem codes in the text field
  14. Once done, click on “Confirm redeem”

That’s all for LifeAfter Redeem Codes. While you are here, make sure to check out our Video Game Guides for tips & tricks in all the latest popular games right now.