Lewdle Word Game – What Is Lewdle & How To Play?

Is it like Wordle or is there a twist? Find out more about this Lewdle word game.

Wordle has taken the world by storm and has led to the creation of many clones and similar games. While we have listed similar games like Wordle to play here, Lewdle is a bit different. It looks and works exactly like Wordle but the words are…well, dirty and rude. If inappropriate-word-guessing games are your thing, here’s what this one offers.

What is Lewdle?

As the name suggests, Lewdle is a take on Wordle but with Not Safe for Work words. To be honest, it’s tougher because the word list is very limited and you have to guess the answer in 6 tries. It will take some thinking, especially for the more ‘unique’ words. The challenge is that your guesses have to be inappropriate words and only then you can get to the word of the day. Sometimes, the answers are pretty PG 13 like FARTS. But most of the time – not so much.

How to Play Lewdle?

Lewdle is created by @garywhitta and the rules to play are the same as Wordle.

lewdle nsfw word guessing game

  • Head to lewdlegame.com
  • You guess your first word randomly and type it in the first row.
  • Based on the clues you get (green, yellow and grey), you plan out your second word.
  • The green color indicates that the letter is in the right position.
  • Yellow means that the letter exists in the word, but it’s not in the right position.
  • Grey means that the letter does not exist in the word at all.
  • And the challenge is that the words you should be guessing are all rude words.
  • You get 6 attempts to get to the solution.

Are there any more Not Safe for Work daily word guessing games?


There’s also another one called Sweardle and you guessed it, only specific ‘curses’ are allowed. You get 4 tries in this one and the rules are same – green, yellow and grey blocks will give you the hints to guess the word of the day.

These games can be fun and interesting to play among friends and you can show off just how much of a potty mouth you are. And if you prefer Wordle, then we’ve got a few tips and tricks to help you out!