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Pokemon Legends Arceus – How To Level Up Fast & Gain XP?

Read this guide to learn how to level up quickly and earn XP fast in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Knowing how to level up & gain XP quickly in Pokemon Legends Arceus can make a huge difference to how quickly you progress in the game. Since there are new updates to the game, you will find that the methods of leveling up and earning XP are not exactly the same anymore. This means that a lot of players experiencing Pokemon Legends Arceus for the first time are finding themselves confused with what they need to do to get ahead in the game. To ease this dilemma, we’ve come up with just the guide for you. Here, we will show you all of the different things you need to do to do increase your level and earn XP in the game.

How to Level Up Fast & Gain XP in Pokemon Legends Arceus?


XP Candies from Alpha Pokemon Drops to Level Up Fast in Legends Arceus

In Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will notice that Alpha Pokemon like Chansey and Blissey drop extra candies when compared to everyone else. We recommend you take your chances and battle any Alpha Pokemon you come across in the game. Just remember to have strong enough Pokemon, and you should be good to go. Another useful tip is to head into battle with an Alpha Pokemon if your rank is higher by 3 or more when compared to the rank you initially began with in the zone.

In order to take on the likes of Alpha Chansey and Blissey, we recommend you go to the Tombolo Walk and Obsidian Falls respectively.

Mass Outbreaks

Another great way to increase your XP and level up is through Mass Outbreaks in Pokemon Legends Arceus. With Shiny hunting, you will be able to receive XP that is enough for the entire party.

Purchasing XP Candies to Level Up

If grinding through a game to level up and earn XP is not your kind of style, you can simply jump the queue and purchase EXP candies outright. To do so, you need to visit Bonn at his Candy Shop near the Trading Post in Jubilife Village.

Before you decide to buy these candies, however, you need to know that they can be quite expensive.

And that’s just about it. These are all of the different ways you can increase your levels and gain XP in Pokemon Legends Arceus. As you can see, doing so is actually not too difficult. Just remember to follow all the steps in this guide, and you should be good to go.

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