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How To Level Up Bestiary In Diablo Immortal

Guide on how to level up your Bestiary in Diablo Immortal.

The Bestiary is like a book in Diablo Immortal. You fill it up with a bunch of entries so that you can unlock the lore for different kinds of monsters in the game. By doing this, not only do you get a handy book but also bonuses and rewards for the same. This is your guide on how to farm and level up your Bestiary in Diablo Immortal.

How to Farm and Level Up Bestiary in Diablo Immortal?


How To Level Up Bestiary In Diablo Immortal

Here is how you can find the best locations to farm and get Monster Essence from. This will help you level up later in Diablo Immortal.

Where to Find and Farm Bestiary?


When speaking about farming Bestiary, we’re actually talking about getting lots of Monster Essence in Diablo Immortal. And so, while there are tons of enemies available throughout the land, you will be able to farm it better in the following areas:

  • Shassar Sea
Shassar Sea
Map credit: Map Genie


  • Ashwold Cemetery
Ashwold Cemetery
Map credit: Map Genie
  • Frozen Tundra


Frozen Tundra
Map credit: Map Genie

How to Level Up Bestiary?

Kill Monsters

When you kill monsters in Diablo Immortal, you get Monster Essence. Upon getting ten Monster Essence, you will automatically unlock a Bestiary entry that you can trade for. This in turn makes your Bestiary level go up. The formula is simple, the higher the Bestiary level, the higher the bonuses that you get for your Life and Damage.

But you should remember that you can only have ten Monster Essences in your inventory. And so, whenever you reach ten, it is best that you head straight to the Bestiary and create your entry.

Do Activities for Monster Essence

Diablo Immortal has a bunch of activities that you can take part in to get tons of rewards. One of which is the necessary Monster Essence in the game. You can easily get to know which activities to participate in when you look through the Bounty Board. Here, you will complete bounties and gain many rewards including Monster Essence as you kill your enemies in the game. You can even look through Zone Events to get the same in the game.

It is important to note that you can only get 3 pages per day in the game. And so, even though you may be able to farm for 40+ Monster Essence in the game, you cannot redeem them till the next day.

This was our guide on how to farm for monster essence and level up your bestiary in Diablo Immortal. For more Diablo Immortal tips, check out this guide on the meanings of the attributes and effects in Diablo Immortal.