Is Lego Ninjago Coming To Lego Fortnite? – Leaks Suggests A Crossover

Leaks suggest that Lego Ninjago might come to Lego Fortnite in the future. Know how this crossover can boost the success of Lego Fortnite here.

Aside from all other major releases in 2023, Lego Fortnite turned out to be an equally fun experience. It took less than 48 hours for this game to attract millions of players. That’s massive, right? Players are falling in love with this game as they can’t stop playing it for hours. With such a mighty response, there is surely more to come in the future. And considering that it’s a Fortnite game, it’s surely going to be a crossover.

Speaking of crossovers, a recent leak suggests that Lego Fortnite might collaborate with Lego Ninjago. While things are not confirmed yet, we can’t simply ignore this news as it comes from a well-known Fortnite leaker known as Shiina. In today’s article, we are going to talk about how Lego Ninjago can be a massive first collab for Lego Fortnite if the leaks are true.

Why Lego Ninjago x Lego Fortnite is a Big Thing?

For those who are unaware, Lego Ninjago was a massively popular series a decade ago. Crafted and popularized under the Lego group, there were Toys, Animated Series, and Video Games made on Ninjago. And now that Lego Fortnite has proved to be a great success, a collaboration of these two Universes will serve as a delight.

Is Lego Ninjago Coming To Lego Fortnite?
Image Source: Lego

Before things are set up for Lego Fortnite, there will be a Ninjago x OG Fortnite collab. If we look at the Tweet made by Shiina, that’s what she is speaking about. For your reference, we have interlinked Shiina’s tweet below:

After Fortnite, if Lego Ninjago comes to Lego Fortnite then there will be plenty of content for it. I mean, the developers can simply put Ninjago’s models in Lego Fortnite to hit that nostalgia factor. One great thing about both Lego products is that they do not need any foundation to get started. Players can start simply after reading the plot, it’s that easy.

I know this is a topic to be skeptical about but the leaker, Shiina, is someone who has carried Fortnite leaks for several years now. And most of their leaks have turned out to be true. If this one becomes it, then Lego Fortnite will just step up big.

That’s it for now, hopefully, we will get to see what we just spoke about in coming future. For more News content like this, be sure to follow Gamer Tweak.