Lego Ninjago Characters Guide

Let's take a look at the main characters of the Lego Ninjago Movie Game.

The announcement of a Lego Ninjago Movie Video Game came as a surprise to no one. Fans of this beloved franchise were ecstatic when the game was released in September 2017 to great fanfare. With a delightful cast of characters to meet and play with, we thought it was time we looked back on the main Lego Ninjago characters that appear in the game.

All Lego Ninjago Movie Game Characters

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  • Lloyd Garmadon -Every team needs a captain and Lloyd is the leader of the Secret Ninja Force. Using his Green element, Lloyd brings his team together with care and compassion as they fight against his father Lord Garmadon.
  • Nya -With the element of water on her side, Nya is a valued member of Team Ninja. Alongside her brother Kai she fights against the forces of evil with her mastery of all weapons(though she prefers the spear).
  • Jay -This master of electricity is a great fighter and valued ally of Team Ninja. Even though he is full of confidence on the battlefield, his shyness wins out when it comes to approaching his crush Nya.
  • Kai -Provides a balance to his sister Nya’s water element powers with his mastery of fire. Dressed in red he brings an aura of confidence and calmness to the team and also carries his pair of Katana just in case.
  • Cole -Trained by master Wu in the element of Earth, Cole is a music geek at heart. When he’s not busy mixing tracks as a Dj, he’s out saving the island of Ninjago alongside team Nijago.
  • Zane -This happy-go-lucky member of the team is a master of ice and can use his element to freeze objects(and people) and create ice. The only member of the team who isn’t a master builder, Zane is also well-versed in the use of bow and arrow.
  • Master Wu -Younger brother to Lord Garmaddon and Lloyd’s uncle, Master Wu is the teacher to all the members of Team Ninja. A master of all the elements of Earth, Fire, Ice, lighting, and Water he is a beacon of light and knowledge the ninjas seek in their time of need.
  • Lord Garmadon -The main villain of the game, Lord Garmandon is a scary figure in his black Samurai armor and horned helmet. Did we forget to mention his four arms and red eyes? Play as the Special Ninja Force to stop him and his Shark Army.

That’s all the main characters in the Lego Ninjago Movie Game. Check out our guide on other Lego Games here on Gamer Tweak.