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Lego Builder Journey PC Review

It is a platformer game where you will carve a path for Lego Child to reach his Lego Father.

Lego Builder Journey is a cute little atmospheric puzzle game build over an idea of a camping trip, a good relaxing game with soothing music, and a neat atmosphere. Recently Nvidia introduced a DLSS update to 55 games which include Lego Builder Journey. A DLSS and RTX boost transforms Lego Builder Journey into a stunning game. Nevertheless, it is not a fast-paced shooting game, so the power of RTX cannot do miracles here. Instead, we see more captivating scenes of a son trying to reach his father.

Absolutely Stunning


Getting an early chance to try the RTX edition of Lego Builder Journey already raised my expectations. While testing it on max settings I first thought there won’t be drastic changes in the graphics. But the lift is noticeable and on the widescreen display, it just looks splendid. I did not go much into the fps part, I really enjoyed pushing the graphic settings to max and turned on RTX for everything. Being a platformer game there is no much struggle in getting quality output. All you have to do is pick and place to solve puzzles.

Lego Builder Journey Review Lego Builder Journey Review

Playing at Max settings with RTX uplifts the visuals of Lego Builder Journey. Shadows, lighting, reflections, lights, etc. everything looks attractive. Thankfully Lego Builder Journey does not really require a high-end config, but to see the difference an RTX card is a must. We tested it on RTX 2070 Super, with max settings running on Ryzen 5 powered PC. You will enjoy the puzzles in an immersive way on RTX. Lego Builder Journey presents a 3D world of bricks. It is a platformer game where you will carve a path for Lego Child to reach his Lego Father.


Lego Builder Journey Review

Lego Builder Journey on Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo

I got greedy for having two RTX cards with me, the RTX 2070 Super and Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo 10GB. Frankly, Lego Builder can’t even eat up 30% of the GPU power on max settings. But things really changed, graphics enhancements are noticeable. It was way more fluid and the visuals just break the boundaries of reality. Zotac RTX 3080 AMP Holo is the coolest card I had seen, a perfect model to show off. I had tested games like Outriders, Cyberpunk, etc on it and never faced any drop in the fps or any artifacts. The card is just powerful to handle anything. On Indie Games like Lego Builder Journey + the RTX updates, it can really transform a basic game into a 5 Star Visual treat.


Puzzles, Fun & More

The idea is based on a camping trip, as the boy gets separated. Players have to use a fixed set of pathways and bricks to plan out a safe exit for the boy. You can either follow the rules of the game by placing bricks perfectly or just break them and create a random unique path. The objective of Lego Builder Journey is to reach from Point A to Point. The entire game can be played just with a mouse.


Lego Builder Journey holds the crux of Lego games that motivates building. Suave animation and gentle music will make feel drowsy at certain levels. The puzzles will make you keep on moving ahead, a fun to play games with family. Frankly speaking, Lego Builder Journey has nothing much to give, it is a short yet sweet game of modest and multifaceted puzzles. You can freely move the bricks around, rotate them with a click and place them on the Lego floor. Puzzles transform with every level-up that brings in new lands of challenges. It all relies on how well you can place the structure to let the boy pass. Certain levels can throw in the zone of struggle forever, but it is still fun to play.


Lego Builder Journey is a good title to have in the game library. RTX On maximizes its beauty, the way the light flashes on the bricks is an eye-candy. Lego Builder Journey has overall 2-hours of gameplay. The challenges are well crafted to fit the Lego world. It does not push you to go much into using a lot of brains, yet the puzzles are smart enough to trick you that they are easy.

Lego Builder Journey is more like a journey with a great environment, a game to have a perfect break while sipping coffee. First released in Dec 2019, Lego Builder Journey is available on Switch, Windows, iOS, and macOS.