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How to find Legendary Fox “Marble, Ota, Cross Fox” in RDR2 Online?

In one of the Naturalist role quests, your mission is to find rare Legendary Fox in RDR Online. This guide will help you in finding the animal with an exact map location.

Legendary Fox spawns on different locations in RDR Online. I will share some exact spots to look for. Legendary Fox is a rare animal that can unlock cool garments in RDR Online. But finding them is not easy, they are rare and appear in remote locations. You can hunt Legendary Fox only when you are on the right spot at the exact spawn time. I will help you in this by giving you the directions and places to search for.

Common Legendary Cross Fox Location in RDR2 Online

Search for swamps, located on the East side of Rhodes. The second location is Swamps in the west of Saint-Denis. Another way to find the Legendary Fox spawn location is to wait for Harriet. She will give you a mission after reaching Rank 5. The objective marker will guide you on the spot of Legendary Fox.

In one mission you will have to find Poachers Hideout Location. Do not forget to scan the location while following the mission. You can spot a Legendary Fox on the way. The animal does not spawn throughout the day there is a specific time and a season that increases the probability of finding foxes.

How to take Legendary Fox Photo?

Buy Advance Camera first, because it does not require you to sedate the animal. You can click the picture of a running animal and complete Naturalist quests easily. Also, animals will not be friendly enough to stop, chasing them, and clicking photos is tough. To buy the camera check under the Hunting & Fishing section of Rawson and Wheeler Catalog. The cost of Advance Camera is around 22 Gold Bars or $540.

Anyone can buy the camera, there is no requirement to unlock the Naturalist role first in RDR Online.

Best time and season to find Legendary Fox?

Legendary Fox is best found in the nighttime in RDR Online. Foggy season increases the chances of spawn because these animals hate the limelight. Also if you do not approach carefully it will disappear instantly in dark or the forest. Wait for Harriet to give you a mission to locate poacher hideout. It is located on the south side of Saint-Denis. A courtyard at the south of Saint-Denis Train Station.

Find the poachers first, clear them and then search for the Legendary Foxes in cages. Search the Docks properly it is not a big location. Look for J. Cooper Lee bottling company board, behind that there is a group of poachers. They are guarding the animal cage, kill them all.

Before you open the cage be ready with the camera. Because as soon as you unlock the door the animal will run away. So you won’t have enough time to think and react. If you are not sure then sedate it first to capture the pictures.

How to get Cross Coat garment or Marble Fox garment set?

You can also skin the animal for pelts and sell it to Gus. You can find him in West Elizabeth. Selling the skin will help you to unlock amazing new garments, one of them is Marble Fox garment. Check under the garment sets tab and there you can find the cost of the set. Marble Coat costs $640.

This is how you can unlock rare garments set by selling the legendary fox skin. But you will also need to capture the photograph to complete one of the Naturalist role quests.