Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild Sequel Is Now In Development

Link and the Princess founds the Lord of Darkness

One of the biggest announcement coming up from Nintendo Direct is a sequel of  Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild, the video teased during the event showed a few seconds of what really the sequel looks like. It shows the Princess and Link inside an ancient structure could the source of Darkness corrupting the entire Hyrule.

The reveal video was amazing and showed up a great storyline that will take us deeper into Hyrule with a not forgotten enemy. Nintendo does reveal enough details about a tentative release of Legend Of Zelda Breath Of Wild Sequel.

Breath Of Wild was released in year 2017 features story of Link who stand against an evil Calamity  Ganon who threatens Hyrule. He was defeated by Princess Zelda, later Hyrule was guarded by four Divine Beasts, and an army of Guardians. The story was expansive with a massive open world to explore.