League Of Legends Support Tier List 2023 – Best Support Champions Ranked

Find all of the best Supports in League of Legends in this tier list.

This League of Legends tier list features the best Support champions in the game. Support champions are essential elements in this game. In this list, they have been split into tiers ranging from tier S to D. Here, tier S features the best characters, and tier D features the worst and least recommendable characters.

League of Legends Support Tier List (2023)

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S Tier Support in League of Legends

As we mentioned earlier, this tier features the best Supports in League of Legends. These are the characters that we would absolutely recommend you to use, as they feature the best statistics and attributes that you would need to succeed in the game.

S Sona
S Amumu
S Soraka
S Blitzcrank
S Lulu
S Yuumi
S Nami
S Morgana

A Tier

The A tier is a compilation of some great Supports that are really good to use in the game. The only reason they do not find their way into the S tier is because they may lack in certain areas. Nevertheless, there are characters that we would recommend to you to use too!

A Bard
A Maokai
A Zilean
A Janna
A Zyra
A Rell
A Shaco
A Leona
A Nautilus

B Tier

The Support characters in the B tier can be considered to be average, or a little above average at best. These characters are neither very good nor are they very bad.

B Rakan
B Braum
B Xerath
B Brand
B Vel’Koz
B Senna
B Trundle
B Pyke
B Veigar
B Swain
B Galio
B Gragas

C Tier

C tier Support characters in this League of Legends tier list are average, or below average. These are nowhere near the characters in the higher tiers, yet they manage to offer decent performance when compared to the D-tier characters.

C Alistar
C Seraphine
C Pantheon

D Tier

The last tier in this list. The characters here are the worst in the game. They offer nothing to you, and cannot be considered to be of much value. Even if you do use them, you might not find much help. You would probably be better off using the characters that are ranked higher.

D Thresh
D Karma
D Lux
D Sett

This is the end of our League of Legends Support tier list. As you can see, it’s now going to be way easier to pick the best Supports with the help of this list. The S tier characters are bound to offer you the best experience, so try your best to get them.

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