League Of Legends 11.23 Jungle Tier List: Best LoL Character Champions

Here are the best champions for jungling in our League of Legends Jungle Tier List.

League of Legends Jungle Champions Tier List received major changes after Patch 11.23. Now different champions received nerfs and buffs either making them a good or a bad jungler after the recent patches. So this means characters who were previous good at jungling might have become bad and vice versa. So let’s look at the new updated LoL Jungle Tier List.

League of Legends LoL 11.23 Jungle Character Tier List 2023

LoL League of Legends Jungle Champions Tier List

Here are the current champions in our League of Legends Jungle Tier List:

Tiers Champions
SS Tier Kayn
SS Tier Kha’Zix
S+ Tier Diana
S+ Tier Nidalee
S+ Tier Viego
S Tier Elise
S Tier Master Yi
A+ Tier Ekko
A+ Tier Jarvan IV
A+ Tier Nocturne
A Tier Rammus
A Tier Trundle
A Tier Warwick
A Tier Zac
B+ Tier Evelynn
B+ Tier Fiddlesticks
B+ Tier Olaf
B+ Tier Shaco
B+ Tier Vi
B+ Tier Xin Zhao
B Tier Dr. Mundo
B Tier Graves
B Tier Hecarim
B Tier Karthus
B Tier Kindred
B Tier Lee Sin
B Tier Shyvana
B Tier Volibear
C+ Tier Amumu
C+ Tier Mordekaiser
C+ Tier Nunu
C+ Tier Rengar
C+ Tier Rumble
C Tier Jax
C Tier Lillia
D+ Tier Ivern
D+ Tier Poppy
D+ Tier Sejuani
D+ Tier Skarner
D+ Tier Wukong
D Tier Gragas
D Tier Gwen
D Tier Kled
D Tier Rek’Sai
D Tier Sett
D Tier Sylas
D Tier Taliyah

How We Ranked Jungle Champions in Tier?

Here’s what we took into consideration sorting champions into our League of Legends Jungle Tier List:

S Tier

The current meta favors these champions’ jungling abilities. Since the previous few patches, several of them have been very strong in their tier, and their reign does not appear to be fading anytime in the near future.

A Tier

These champions are highly powerful and they are significantly better than other champions for jungling in the current meta.

B Tier

These champions are generally good choices, but some of the higher-tiered opponent junglers can target their weaknesses.

C Tier

Sadly for these champions are not good enough to take into high-ranking matches.

D Tier

This tier is ideal for newcomers to try out jungling, but all the above champions simply crush them on the way to become a good Jungler.

That’s everything you need to know about the League of Legends Jungle Champions Tier List after Patch 11.23. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our LOL Guides like LOL ADC Tier ListARAM Tier ListUltimate Spellbook Tier ListTop Lane Champions Tier List, and more