Which Launch Option Should I Use With Deep Rock Galactic?

The first time that players start Deep Rock Galactic, they will see multiple launch option and knowing which one will function best for you is quite important. Each option that you get at the start has its own purpose to give players the best experience with the game. However, if you don’t know what each of them provides, you might not access the best option.

If you have mods running for your game, you might even see an additional option when you try to start the game. Although it is impossible for us to claim which one is best for you, at least you can check out the explanation here and that should help you decide.

Best Launch Option to Use in Deep Rock Galactic

Best Launch Option to Use in Deep Rock Galactic
Image Source: Deep Rock Galactic

As you start Deep Rock Galactic, you will get more than one launch option. Since each option has its function and once you understand that, you will be able to select the best option for yourself.

  • Play Deep Rock – Launches the game with the default option or the last option that the players choose.
  • Play Deep Rock DX11 – Launches the game with DX11 and is useful for low spec PCs or old PCs that might see crashing or FPS drops.
  • Play Deep Rock DX12 – Launches the game with DX12 and supports more options like HDR display to improve gaming experience.
  • Play Deep Rock Safemode – Launches the game safely by disabling all mods that may or may not affect the game.

Among these, the Deep Rock DX12 option is the default one and if players don’t choose any particular and start the game, this is the option that is used. However, many players have reported that there are a few bugs that are causing players trouble while trying to play Deep Rock Galactic.

It’s best if you play down and option and try out DX11 as well so you have something to compare with. In case you are still having bugs, you can always contact DRG Support and get some professional help on the matter. If you found this guide useful, do check out our other Game Guides right here at Gamer Tweak.