Is Last Of Us On Xbox Or Game Pass?

Is ‘The Last of Us’ available on Xbox or will it ever be?

Is The Last of Us going to release on Xbox consoles? This is the question on the minds of several gamers as well as fans of the hit HBO TV show. The action-adventure franchise is, of course, a PlayStation exclusive first, but has received PC ports over the years. These games have been on the platform since PlayStation 3 with the first release The Last of Us in 2013 to The Last of Us Part I (a remake) in 2022 for the PS5.

But have there been any discussions between Microsoft and Naughty Dog that signal a potential release on Xbox or are there any leaks pointing towards this?. Let’s take a look at everything that’s known.

Is Last Of Us coming to Xbox or Xbox Game Pass?

At the time of writing this article, there are no signs of Last of Us Xbox happening anytime soon. “The Last of Us” and “The Last of Us Part II” are not officially available on Xbox platforms and will remain PlayStation exclusives until a groundbreaking deal happens between rivals Sony and Microsoft.

is last of us going to release on xbox consoles
Source: Naughty Dog

Why is TLOU not on Xbox?

With Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard and leaks suggesting that Sony is feeling that Xbox will leapfrog over PlayStation due to it, it’s highly unlikely that Sony will give away such a major franchise/game to a competitor platform. Especially since TLOU is a major factor that plays a role in the sales of the latest PlayStation console.

Death Stranding, another PlayStation game, made its way to PC game pass in 2022 but the situation at that time wasn’t the same as TLOU. It did not come to Xbox Game Pass and also, Kojima Productions isn’t owned by PlayStation.

Meanwhile, Naughty Dog is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony Interactive Entertainment and is a first party studio. The Studio was acquired by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2001, so the association has been a long one.

Exclusivity is a common practice in the console gaming industry. Both Sony and Microsoft use exclusive titles to make their platform stand out and attract players to choose their consoles. TLOU created a strong relationship between “The Last of Us” and “PlayStation” as a brand.

Since The Last of Us stands tall in the list of the best games of the decade, Sony won’t give it up even if that means access to a wider audience is lost. That’s because it will hamper the sales of the PS console and potentially boost those of Xbox.

However, never say never. Stranger things have happened in the gaming industry and if Last of Us Xbox ever happens, it will be a groundbreaking moment for everyone involved, especially players.

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