Everytime Someone Ask Me Release Date, The Game Is Pushed Back By 5 Minutes – Last Of Us 2 Director

Where is the release date?

The Last of Us 2 release date is still a mystery and on asking the game director about the same his reply came out with a pinch of sarcasm but does not reveal anything about when Last Of Us 2 will be officially out for the players.

Niel Druckmann tweeted a funny reply that does not tell anything about the official Last of Us 2 release date, but you cannot ignore it. He simply said every time someone asks him about the game release it is pushed back by 5 minutes.

Last of Us Part 2 development began in 2014 and it was announced during PlayStation Experience event held in December 2016. The first trailer of Last of Part 2 revealed the return of Ellie and Joel, players will play as Ellie. A second trailer was released in 2017 that revealed new characters Yara, Lev and Emily with one more character. Finally, the game was featured during E3 2018 and after that, we hardly received any fresh updates on the game.

Niel Druckmann’s tweet adds more fire to the curiosity, is this tweet a hint that we will get to see something about Last of Pass 2 in 2019?