How To Get Large Monsters In Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

Here is how you can easily get Large Monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince and add them to your party.

Since Psaro will require all the help he can get to defeat his father, Large monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince will be the perfect addition to your party. In the overworld, you will encounter either Small or Large Monsters. Both of them have different abilities, resistance, etc. Therefore, managing your party and having a balanced team will help you fight your battles more efficiently.

If you are satisfied with the number of Small monsters you have and are looking to expand the strength of your party, here is a guide with all the information you are looking for.

How to obtain Large Monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince

How to obtain Large Monsters in Dragon Quest Monsters The Dark Prince Scouting
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There are a few ways of getting these Large monsters in the game, we have mentioned some of these methods, below.


While exploring the wild, you will randomly come across these creatures. However, keep in mind that not all of them are huge when it comes to size, some of them can look like the Small monsters, but their abilities is what sets them apart.

Since their spawn rate is low, as compared to the Small monsters, getting one of these monsters is extremely beneficial. To add to this, these mighty creatures won’t accept the meat you offer them.

Therefore, in order to get any of these monsters, you will have to scout them. During the scouting process, the best option you can use is fighting them. However, just one battle won’t make the cut, you will have to beat them a few times in order to get their attention. If you win against them, there is a chance that they might join your party.


Here we have mentioned the Synthesis mechanism because if you can scout a Large monster, you can also use this feature and merge this huge creature with other monsters. The catch here is that when you try to merge two Large monsters, you will always get a Large monster.

However, when you add a Small monster and a Large monster, the chances of you getting a Large monster during this process is indefinite. You might either get a powerful new species or you might get a Small creature.

Monster Eggs

Lastly, we have also kept Monster eggs as an option because there is a chance of obtaining a Large monster through them. Therefore, whenever you encounter an egg in the overworld, you can collect it and try your luck.

These are all the different methods you can use to get Large monsters. Since you have shown interest in Dragon Quest Monsters: The Dark Prince, you will also find similar guides in our Video Games section, right here on Gamer Tweak.