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Lady Gaga May Give a Concert in Fortnite

Lady Gaga Concert in Fortine

The information that the popular singer Lady Gaga will give a concert in the Fortnite game appeared on the network. Insiders say the performance will take place in late May or early June. The Polish site Boop and many other publications wrote about this.

It is assumed that the performance will coincide with the release of the new album of the singer. The release will take place on May 29. The singer will release the record called Chromatica. In addition, on June 4, the third season of the second chapter will begin at Fortnite.


What is funny, in October 2019, the singer Lady Gaga in her social networks asked fans what Fortnite is. In addition, Gaga wrote the name of the game in the wrong way: she wrote “Fortnight.” Then she got an answer from the popular streamer, whose nickname is Ninja. He got his popularity thanks to Fortnite.

Previously, such DJs as Marshmello, Major Lazer, and Travis Scott had their concerts in Fortnite. The concert of Travis Scott attracted 27.7 million unique spectators. There were five performances in total. This is an absolute record for a bright and cartoony royal battle. The developers shared the information about record numbers on their Twitter. In total, five events were watched by 45.8 million people. And before this, the developers said that at the same time there were 12.3 million people in the game at the same time. And this also became a new record for the game, which is really fascinating.

Source: Boop