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Chrono Cross: How To Get & Use Komodo Scale

Looking to get Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross but not sure about its use? Keep reading as this guide has you covered.

Komodo Scale is a shiny-looking item in Chrono Cross. This item is used in the game by women to make jewelry and necklaces. These scales are in high demand mostly in the Arni Village. You can get this item to get the Uplift spell and it has another use. So without further ado let us quickly learn how to get and use the Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers.

How to Get Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross


chrono cross remaster the radical dreamers komodo scale

There are two ways to get Komodo Scale in Chrono Cross.

  • From Fisherman:
    1. Go to the Arni Village.
    2. Take a left from Serge’s Hut and you will find a fisherman.
    3. Talk to him and agree with him when given the choice.
    4. He will give you a Komodo scale as a reward.
  • Fighting Komodo Pups:
    • There are three pups that you can fight that drop the Komodo scale.
      • First Komodo Pup: Trap it in a boulder and challenge it. This will start a fight. Once you defeat it. it will drop some items and you will also get a Komodo Scale.
      • Second Komodo Pup: Climb up the tree to reach the ledge. Wait for the second pup to walk underneath the ledge. Once it is below jump from the ledge and fight it. After defeating you get the scale.
      • Third Pup: Chase the third Komodo pup in circles. It will start tiring and you will eventually catch up to it. This will initiate a fight. Defeat the pup and it will start the fight with the Mama Komodo. After you defeat her you will get the third Komodo Scale.


How to use Komodo Scale

There are two uses of the Komodo Scale.

  • Give it to the kid between the Huts: There is a young kid that is looking for a Komodo scale to give to Kiki. You can give him the Komodo scale you receive from the fisherman. When you give it to him, he will reward you by giving you Uplift in return.
  • Craft a necklace for Leena: You can craft the three Komodo scales into a necklace, that you get from the Komodo Pup. You can then give this necklace to Leena.


That covers everything you should know about the Komodo scale and how to get and use it in Chrono Cross Remaster: The Radical Dreamers. Be sure to check out our video game guides to get help with other games right here at Gamer Tweak.