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Knockout City: How To Throw A Curve Ball

Throw a curveball to eliminate your enemies.

The Curve Ball is one of the moves you can perform in the dodgeball-inspired Knockout City. With a curveball, you can knock out your opponents with ease. The Curve Ball seems to be one of the more usable throws in the game and it is quite effective too. Due to the curvature of the throw, it is often hard to predict the trajectory of the ball. This will catch out opponents and give you a leg up against them. So, let’s find out how to throw a Curve Ball in the game.

How to Throw a Curve Ball in Knockout City


To throw a Curve Ball press ‘E’ on PC to add spin to the ball and then aim in the direction of your opponent. If you are using a console you will first have to jump by clicking ‘X’ and ‘A’ on PlayStation and XBOX respectively. After this, press the ‘Circle’ and ‘B’ buttons on PlayStation and XBOX respectively combined with ‘R2’ and ‘RT’ to throw the ball.

Knockout City: How To Throw A Curve Ball
Throw a curve ball to confuse opponents.

You can also throw the curveball around objects so that you can knock out hiding enemies. However, that will take some time to master and is not an easy trick to perform.


With a curveball, you have the upper hand as your opponent will not be able to catch the ball or even dodge it easily.  Keep practicing and once you do get the hang of it you will be able to throw and ping your enemies from a long distance.

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