Knockout City: How To Pass?

Let’s see how to pass the ball in Knockout City

Knockout city is a shooter-type game with a less violent touch, instead of guns and ammo you use a ball. This is a dodge ball game in a counter strike typesetting so passing the ball becomes a necessity. The scenario is pretty simple but instead of bullets, there are balls. You can pick balls, hit them at enemies in multiple ways, and if you don’t want to do anything you can also pass the ball in Knockout pass. Having the ball insights constant fear in opponents, while some are good enough to catch the ball thrown at him some are good at finding them. Some players are not good at accumulating balls, you can always help your teammates with this. Let’s see how to pass the ball in Knockout City.

How To Pass The Ball In Knockout City?

how to pass the ball in knockout city 2
Passing the ball is a simple mechanic just like any other mechanic in Knockout City. You can do this by pressing the left analog stick on your play station controller. If you are playing it on a PC then press the scroll button on the mouse to pass the ball to your teammate. Passing the ball becomes important as it is a good trick to deceive enemies. Passing the ball is also a good way to give ammunitions to players who don’t have balls nearby.

The more you hold the ball the more it charges. A highly charged ball is harder and is difficult to catch. Passing the ball is the only way to charge a ball to its limit. While players can charge it themselves but that won’t be enough. A ball charged by multiple players is extremely difficult to catch so try passing before hitting. The controls used to pass the ball can also be used to ask for a pass if you don’t have a ball with you.

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