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King’s Raid Tier List 2022: All Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Here are all the characters of King’s Raid ranked from best to worst.

Are you looking for a character Tier List for all the heroes in King’s Raid? If so you have come to the right place. Scroll below and you will be able to find the definitive community rankings of all the characters in the game. However, do remember that all these rankings are based on our understanding of the game. So, scroll down and look for your favorite characters in the game.


King’s Raid Tier List – Best Characters Ranked

Kings Raid Characters

Here are all the heroes of King’s Raid ranked from best to worst.

Cleo AoE DPS S
Luna DPS S
Lucikiel DPS S
Talisha Support S
Epis DPS S
Artemia AoE DPS S
Lakrak Status Attack S
Requina Blocker S
Miruru Debuffer S
Zafir AoE DPS S
Pansirone DPS S
Cecilia Burst DPS S
Jane Burst DPS A
Theo Buffer A
Phillop Healer A
Loman Healer A
Viska Debuffer A
Glenwys Tank A
Erze AoE DPS A
Neraxis Tank A
Maria Status Attack A
Mirianne DPS A
Clause Debuffer A
Mediana Healer A
Rephy Cleanser A
Yuria Burst DPS A
Nyx Dispeller A
Xerah DPS A
Priscilla DPS A
Chase Support B
Gau Tank B
Gremory Support B
Ezekiel Breaker B
Gladi Support B
Oddy Support B
Shamilla Breaker B
Selene DPS B
Lorraine Status Attack B
Arch Breaker B
Lilia DPS B
Shea Support B
Esker Support B
Kara Support B
Pavel Status Attack B
Chrisha Support B
Annette Support B
Juno Support B
Lucias Support B
Laias Healer B
Estelle Support B
Frey Tank B
Ophelia Support B
Hilda DPS B
Naila DPS C
Reina DPS C
Scarlet Cleanser C
Sonia Tank C
Aselica Tank C
Laudia DPS C
Shakmeh Tank C
Tanya Dispeller C
Seria Breaker C
Ripine DPS C
Isolet Support C
Lavril Healer C
Nia Breaker C
Riheet AoE DPS C
Kaulah Status Attack C
Morrah Tank D
Demia Tank D
Kasel Debuffer D
Aisha DPS D
Dosarta Tank D
Dimael DPS D
Veronica Support D
May Healer D
Rodina DPS D
Crow AoE DPS D
Cassandra Status Attack D
Fluss DPS D
Ricardo Status Attack D
Mitra DPS D
Lewisia DPS D
Yanne DPS D
Leo Dispeller D
Baudouin Support D

So that is all for our guide on King’s Raid Tier List. If you would like to know some more tier lists of amazing games, we have a list on those too for you to check out.