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Kingdom Hearts Cloud Version Error Fix – Crashing At Launch

Is Kingdom Hearts Cloud Version crashing on your Nintendo Switch? Here's what you need to know.

Kingdom Hearts is a popular series and with the arrival of Cloud version on Nintendo Switch, a whole new section of players is going to enjoy it. But unfortunately, many are reporting errors with Kingdom Hearts Cloud version because it is crashing at launch. What’s the reason behind this and how to fix it?

How to Fix Kingdom Hearts Cloud Version Error?


Many are not able to play Kingdom Hearts cloud version due to the crashing error message “The software was closed because an error occurred”. If your internet connection is not to be blamed for it, be sure to update the game to the latest patch. This should solve the problem and you can jump into the game immediately.


Remember to keep an eye on the official @Kingdomhearts or @_KINGDOMHEARTS Twitter account which will give you updates. The second Twitter account tweets in Japanese but thankfully, there’s a “Translate Tweet” option. You can click on and see its English translation (or of course, you can follow the English account).

Many players are speculating on the reason behind this error. Some believe that the problem is connected to the docked mode whereas some are saying it’s related to server problems. There are even some players who are facing lags in the game. The devs are aware of this and have released new patches to fix issues with Kingdom Hearts Cloud version on Nintendo Switch.

How to Update Kingdom Hearts on Nintendo Switch


kingdom hearts cloud version crashing switch

The game should automatically update on your Switch but if it doesn’t, follow these steps:

  • Connect your Switch to the internet.
  • Open up the Home menu and choose Kingdom Hearts (highlight it).
  • Press the + or – button on your controller.
  • Select Software update and Via the Internet.
  • This will initiate the download and your game will be updated to the latest patch available.


Hopefully, this helped you out. If you are curious to know how to get the hidden Google Web Browser on your Nintendo Switch, we’ve mentioned the steps here.