How To Get Killua In AUT (A Universal Time) March 2023

A Universal Time brings Killua into Roblox. Check out how to get him.

A Universal Time introduces yet another character to its game, Killua from Hunter x Hunter. AUT in Roblox is pretty well-known for having characters from other games and anime series. In this guide, let us take a look at how to get Killua in AUT.

How to Get Killua in AUT March 2023

get killua in aut

To get Killua in AUT you will first need to go and talk to him. You can find Killua at the beach under an umbrella. When you interact with him he will ask you two questions. First, he will ask, “Assassination is a key aspect that’s held at high regards within my family. Do you wish to be a successor of such tradition?” choose Yes.

Next, he will ask, “You’ll have to mentally farm yourself in order to meet the criteria, still think you’ve got the mental capacity?” once again choose Yes. Once you do the above steps he will give you 6 tasks to complete as a quest. These are the tasks you will need to complete:

How to Endure the Way of the Yakuza (777)

For this task, you need to be Standless. You will have to pick fights and when your health bar becomes red press H. The moment you press H you will receive a small amount of health and damage boost. You have to survive throughout the time this ability is active to be able to progress in this task. Repeat this process until this task is completed.

Inflict 7,777 Damage

This is relatively an easier task to do, just find some NPC or random stranger to beat them up and deal the damage required to complete this task.

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Dash 77 Times

To Dash in this game simply press the C-Key on your keyboard. Wait for the cooldown to disappear then do it again. Do this repeatedly 77 times and this task will get completed.

Take 7,777 Damage

Just like Inflict Damage, taking damage is equally easy, again find some random players provoke them, or request them in chat to beat you up and this task should get completed.

Use Arrow 7 times

You can get Stand arrows by interacting with meteors or by purchasing from the shop. Open your inventory and use the arrow to get a Stand Ability. Once you get a Stand either talk to the Ability Resetter or the Ability Storage NPC to get rid of the current Stand. And get a new Stand. Complete this 7 times to finish this task.

Successfully Counter with Brawler’s Instinct 77 Times

To use this ability you will need to be Standless. Find a dummy that can attack you or speak with some stranger to help you complete this quest by attacking you. Once they attack, time your counter and press the V-Key to use Brawler’s Instinct.

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Once you have successfully completed all the 6 tasks of the above quest you will receive an item “Yo-Yo”. Open your inventory use “Yo-Yo” and you will get Killua in AUT.

What are Killua’s abilities?

Now that you have Killua you should be able to use these abilities in fights:

  • The Snake Awakens
  • Instant Death
  • Rhythm Echo
  • Godspeed
  • Otherworldly Aura
  • Thunderbolt
  • No Mercy
  • Onslaught
  • Speed of Lightning

That covers everything you should know about how to get Killua and his abilities. If you didn’t like Killua, you can go to the Ability Resetter and get your ability removed to try another Stand or ability. Be sure to check out how to get Goku or how to get Sans, these guides should help you on how to get these abilities and might even help you decide on your new ability.