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How To Kill Witches In Minecraft

Tips on killing Witches in Minecraft.

Many players find it difficult to kill Witches in the Minecraft open world. Since their specialty is throwing portions at players with effects such as slowness, poison, and sometimes even weakness, many do what they can to avoid them. But once killed they are known to drop some vital items such as glass bottles, gunpowder, Redstone, Glowstone dust, and even portions of healing, swiftness, fire resistance, and water breathing. We thus recommend you face your fears head-on and take a look at some tips on how to kill Witches in Minecraft.

Tips on Killing Witches in Minecraft

Minecraft witches
As Witches are found in almost every biome it is best to be prepared for the occasion. An Iron sword and shield with a full set of armor to match are recommended but your armor will be useless once hit by a portion. A set of bow and arrow can also come in handy, but the most important item will be a Bucket of milk as it will heal any effects caused by potions.

Things to Keep in Mind

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Now it all comes down to you. Witches attack in a predictable pattern of chucking portions your way, strafing sideways to dodge and go in for the kill. You’ll have to be quick about it as witches can heal themselves with portions. Be observant of the Witch’s nose as it acts as an indicator of when she’s about to heal herself with a portion, this will be the perfect opportunity for you to spam your attack.

If the direct approach is daunting, you can always use your sniping skills with the bow and arrow to finish the job. But keep in mind that Witches can do the same with their portions, so stay out of range and be observant of her using the healing portion.

Remember – No matter the method, the loot is all that matters. Take a look at our guides on how to make Netherite Armor and a definitive list of the Best Enchantments in Minecraft.