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How To Kill Level 5 GAIA Statue In Gideon Rock – The Surge 2 Boss Fight

Weird Statue

One of the enemies will be tough to take down in Gideon Rock in The Surge 2, the enemy stays in a form fo statue and converts into a weird bot with shield and spear as soon as you try to cross its path. If you are stuck at this point then in this The Surge 2 Boss fight guide I will show you how to defeat this Level 5 enemy easily in Gideon Rock region. It is recommended to upgrade your Core module above Level 40 before you engage with the enemy, you will need upgraded weapons and some good gears here, so it is illogical to land in front of the Level 5 enemy, once you are upgraded enough then follow my tips below to take down this statue monster.

How To Kill Statue Monster in Gideon Rock


I will repeat this again, run around the rocky area to spot Level 4 enemies, kill them to get crafting items and upgrade your core modules. Then proceed to the garden area where the enemy is resting in the form of a statue.

First, use your drone and attack the Leg or Arm. Use the drone to destroy one of its parts completely so that it cannot move, this Level 5 enemy has a shield and a very good range of attack. With shield and spear, it is almost impossible to take down this enemy to break the shield using a charged Horizontal attack. Next, deploy your drone and shoot the leg, the enemy becomes immobile and will not be able to attack you. One of the most lethal attacks is laser from eyes, but once the leg or arm is destroyed enough you will see the finisher key on the head, press it and end its misery.

Then you can use your best weapon to destroy it completely, fast and easy. This is a shortcut to kill the statue in Gideon Rock region of The Surge 2. This enemy will spawn randomly in many levels of this region, so once you are aware of where to hit, then it will be easier to tackle it again as you progress.


These statues are referred as GAIA and they drop a ton of exo-suit parts, a full set of GAIA Goliath Class Exo-suit comes with its own perks like a full set (6-parts) will reward you 10 Omni-cell when the battery is filled and as a partial bonus that consist of three parts rewards you additional damage when you are using Drone attacks.