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How To Kill The Sluggy In Sons Of The Forest

Unable to remove the Sluggy from your path in Sons of the Forest? Check out this guide to know how to kill it.

Apart from all the creepy Mutants in Sons of the Forest, the Sluggy is easier to kill. They are found blocking paths inside caves and bunkers. This Giant creepy Mutant appears as a fat tissue with multiple hands attached to its body. No melee weapon or gun can remove this Sluggy obstacle from your path in this game. In such instances, it becomes difficult to progress further. So, what can you do to kill the Sluggy in Sons of the Forest? Here’s everything you should know.

How to Remove the Giant Sluggy Mutant in Sons of the Forest

As mentioned above, this Mutant is not vulnerable to normal attacks. However, the only way to kill it is by using a Time Bomb. Well yes, throwing a Time Bomb on Sluggy will kill it instantly clearing your way further. If you have encountered the Sluggy in a cave, then look out for dead bodies. In most cases, you can find and collect Time Bomb from them. Upon killing the Sluggy, you will receive the “Pinata” achievement in Sons of the Forest.

How to Remove the Giant Sluggy Mutant in Sons of the Forest

In addition, you can also find the Sluggy inside the bunkers underground. Since they are stuck to the walls, we have the advantage of movement over them. Moreover, there is no chance that a Sluggy will cause damage to you. Hence, you can take your time to find a Time Bomb to blow up Sluggy in Sons of the Forest.

Additionally, you can also craft a Time Bomb to get the job done. All you need is a C4 Brick, Circuit Board, Wire, and Duct Tape. Once you have all of these items in your Inventory, you can combine them to craft a Time Bomb. It takes around 3-4 seconds for a Time Bomb to explode. So you have enough time to move out of the site, avoiding potential damage.

That covers everything on how to kill a Sluggy in Sons of the Forest. While you are here, make sure to check out our other SOTF Guides on Gamer Tweak.