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How To Defeat Little Johnny In Surge 2 – Boss Drops Details

Killing Little Johnny is Tough

In The Surge 2, Little Johnny is one of the toughest bosses to deal with. He will bring real hell on the ground, driving a massive mammoth type bot, Little Johnny is hard to attack. When you are almost done with Port Nixon, finding your path all the way to the end, Little Johnny will spawn. Brother Eli from Seaside Court will ask you to kill him and offer you access to Port Nixon. In this the Surge 2 boss fight guide I will show you how to kill Little Johnny and what are his types of attacks so that you can plan a straightforward working strategy to kill him fast.

How To Kill Little Johnny


If you are not above Level 30, then it is recommended not to engage with Little Johnny in the Surge 2. Above Level 30 with full exo-suit is an important part here, also implants that can boost health, the battery will also help you a lot in the right. Little Johnny has a huge health bar with some additional benefits of restoration, however, it is still possible to beat him down if you can attack and dodge on the right time. I will advise you to use an upgraded long-range weapon like spear or AID Type-4 hammer can also do the job, but you have to be near to hit him.

Little Johnny will spawn in Terminal Z- Salvage Deck, that you can access from Lower Flooded Ground. Before continuing to engage try to take down common enemies to level upto to at-least 35 with good gears and full set of implants.

Finally, when you are done with upgrades head to Termian Z Salvage Deck where Little Johnny will enter with a bash. This drug lord drives an insane bot with three legs and two limbs. You have to start targetting the Limbs first, begin with the right. Lock the target and use a dash to charge in fast, hit a few time and dodge back. Little Johnny will be very angry and fast at the start, but as his health drops he will slow down his attacks.


He will use the big legs first, focus on the limbs and destroy two of them that will drain around 50% of his health. Then do not wait back and destroy all three legs, the bot will use his body and legs to attack. It can swipe with a good range of attack circle, I think it is hard to dodge. Otherwise, you can stay away from the range of his body crashing to the ground.

He will also release a few toxic liquids in one direction,  keep circling around the bot, it will be easy for you to learn the pattern and once the bot is done with the attack you will have a few second windows to charge in fast attack and run back a little far. There will be some damage, but if your implants are working fine, then health shots will be delivered.

After destroying the limbs you will have to target the legs. The fight will continue for a while and finally, Little Johnny will die.


Little Johnny Boss Drops Loots

He will drop Little Johnny’s Forceps v2.0 weapon with 127 damage along with you will unlock EMP-44 Starfish drone who will help you to use the rope hooks to travel as well as it can unlock Magentic Doors. The drone module features 10 Damage and 200 Electric Damage. There will be ton of other materials you can use for crafting. Scan the area well, there are containers with Magnetic lock unlock them for additional rewards.