How to kill BT’s in Death Stranding – Complete BT Fight Guide

By Raaj
4 Min Read

BT’s are common enemy in Death Stranding, they appear randomly anywhere. You will be warned instantly whenever BT’s are around there are two ways to survive. First escape quietly before they realize your presence or be ready to fight. In this Death Stranding guide you can learn everything about the enemy, how to kill BT’s, how to avoid BT’s and weapons tips.

How to kill BT’s

BT’s are scary, once they find you they will pull into a different world where you will face a bigger boss Catcher. It is best to stay away from them, however Sam does not really dies like others. He can repatriate back to his world due to his special ability. While walking around use the scanner to detect BT’s. Below are the list of most common places where you can find BT’s.

  1. Wherever there is Timefall rain
  2. Mountains.
  3. Sites of large ruins.
  4. Near Incinerators’

Sam special ability Doom allows him to sense BT’s and the BB baby allows him to see their shadow form. This is enough to escape the BT’s. Press R1 to scan whenever there is a presence of BT. Look the surrounding the grass grows rapidly and dies, they can cover a good area, you have to sneak pass them by moving in crouching mode. Hold R1 to hold breath for a while to avoid any contact. Use BB wisely the baby can exhaust and will not be able to help you. So scan once and plan your way to crouch and move. Walk quietly and look the scanner, it turns red means hold breath. Blue is where you can move slowly and quietly.

The scanner will start blinking when you are near to a BT, go very slow. When the scanner spins fast that means you are extremely close to a BT, here you have to hold breath. If the scanner turns red it’s time to run, this means you are spotted, scan once and find a way out as fast as you can before it grabs you. If the dead grabs you use Square to shake them off.

How to kill BT’s

You will need EX Grenade’s to defeat the BT’s. The grenade is good enough to stun the enemies giving you time to escape them. But to kill them you will need weapons made out from blood samples. Hematic Grenades is one of them. Hematic Grenades is unlocked during Episode 2, while you progress you will unlock Guns like Anti-BT gun that can shoot down BT in one bullet. All these weapons requires Sam’s blood. Another weapon Bola Gun that will be unlocked further can be used to stun BT’s from a distance.

How to defeat Catcher

If you are unable to free yourself from the BT’s you will be pulled into a world of sinking black liquid where a whale type creating will chase you. Called as Catcher you will need blood weaponry to defeat the BT boss. An way to defeat it is by first scanning its locate and then using Grenade to attack it. Anti-BT gun can cause higher damage when the enemy is exposed due to explosion. You will need to scan constantly to get the exact location and take down the enemy. Killing the Catcher will reward you a lot of Chiral Crystals, and the area will be clear of BT’s.