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How to Beat Brother Eli – The Surge 2 Boss Fight

He is not a prophet

Brother Eli asked you to take down his brother Little Johnny the drug lord which is one of the toughest bosses in The Surge 2, but as you return back to him you will find his intentions are not clear as it looks. So you have to fight with him also this will be another instant boss fight you will engage soon in The Surge 2 after taking down Little  Johnny. In this guide, you can learn tips and strategies to kill Brother Eli and also learn what he drops after dying.

How To Kill Brother Eli Boss in The Surge 2


After talking to Brother Eli you will realize he wants to be a hero by killing the drug lords murderer and he will charge on you. He has a pretty long health bar, but do not worry he is not as tough as Little Johnny. He will use some allies in the game who will attack you side-by-side, but thanks to EMP-44 Starfish module that is going to help you a lot in stunning the enemy.

Use the drone to attack the head, and focus only on Eli, leave his allies side or just dodge their attacks. Because if Eli dies all his companion will fall, Eli does not use any tough attacks. He will be using his stick mostly to attack but if you can use the drone you can stun him and his allies with electrical damage.

Keep attacking him on the head mostly and use a few combos or horizontal hit to drain the health bar.  It is important to kill Brother Eli because he will unlock a new message that will further tell about the little girl’s escape.


After checking the message a chest will spawn that will grant you Decharge Regenerator implant that will start health regeneration after energy bar drains.