Kengun Online Clans Tier List

Confused about picking the best clan? Check out our Kengun Online Clans tier list to choose the best clan.

Kengun Online is a Roblox game or experience that revolves around becoming the best fighter in the world. As you embark on this journey, you will find several different types of clans. These specific clans offer different bonuses or perks for joining them. Furthermore, these clans also involve different rarities and stats. But which clan to choose? Check out our Kengun Online Tier list ranking the clans from best to worst.

Kengun Online Tier List (Best Clans Ranked)

best clans tier list kengun online

We have compiled a list of all the Clans and placed them in different tiers based on their rarity, perks, and stats. In total, there are 14 Clans as of now in Kengun Online. We have arranged the tier list into five different tiers. The clans that offer the best perks, stats, and more rarities are ranked at the S tier. On the other hand, the clans that offer the lowest perks and stats are ranked in the C and D tiers.

So, here’s our Tier list for the best clans to use in Roblox Kengun Online:

Tiers Clans Type
S tier Kure Superior
S tier Wu Superior
A tier Mikazuchi Legendary
A tier Wongsawat Legendary
B tier Inaba Rare
B tier Seishu Rare
B tier Gensai Uncommon
B tier Hoshi Uncommon
C tier Ino Uncommon
C tier Jun Uncommon
D tier Setsuna Common
D tier Dudley Common
D tier Hajime Common
D tier Xiao-Hu Common

You might need to get your hands on Clan Rerolls and cash to change your clan. You can check out our Kengun Online codes to get plenty of rewards like Clan Reroll and Cash. Aside from that, the game might also add new clans in the future with upcoming updates. So, check out our guide on Kengun Online Trello Link & Discord server to get the latest updates.

What is the Best Clan?

Although Wu and Kure are ranked at the highest tiers, we think Kure is the best Clan. That’s because Kure offers more perks and stats to the player. While the Wu clan offers more Durability and strength, Kure offers Agility. Here are both the stats and perks for these clans:

  • Wu:
    • +1.2 Strength
      +1.25 Endurance
      +1.25 Durability
  • Kure:
    • +1.1 Agility
    • +1.2 Durability
    • +1.1 Strength
    • +1.25 Endurance

Being the clan that offers agility perk, it can help you quite a lot in stressful situations. This can help in defeating strength-based clans like Gensai or Wongsawat. Nevertheless, it all comes down to your playstyle and experience. So, we leave the rest of the decision to you.

That’s everything covered about the Kengun Online Clans tier list. If you liked this guide, check out more Tier lists and Roblox-related Guides on our dedicated section right here on Gamer Tweak.