Kena Bridge Of Spirits Trophy List Guide – How To Unlock All Trophies

Here is the list of all trophies in our Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide.

Kena Bridge of Spirits, one of the most anticipated action-adventure games of the year released on September 21, 2021. Being a young spirit guide in her torn world is not easy, nor are getting the Platinum Trophy. But today in this Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide, we will give you a list of all trophies you can collect in the game. So without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

How to Unlock All Trophies – Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide

List of All Trophies in Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide

Here is the list of all trophies in the Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide:

Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophies Trophy Type Description
All Trophies Obtained Platinum Trophy Collect all the trophies in the game
Hunter in the Forest Bronze Trophy Learn the Bow Ability from Rusu
Harness Your Power Bronze Trophy Learn the Bomb Ability in the main quest
Crossing Over Bronze Trophy Learn the Dash Ability in the main quest
Found a Friend Bronze Trophy Hero Rot join your team in-game beginning
Haikyo Bronze Trophy Discover the main Village hub
Into the Woods Bronze Trophy Discover the Forest area
The Open Range Bronze Trophy Discover the Farm in the main story
The Lonely Path Bronze Trophy Reach the Mountain Shrine in the story quest
Taro’s Fear Bronze Trophy Find Taro’s Knife Relic
Taro’s Regret Bronze Trophy Find Taro’s Lantern Relic
Taro’s Love Bronze Trophy Find Taro’s Food Offering Relic
Adira’s Love Bronze Trophy Find Adira’s Ox Relic
Adira’s Fear Bronze Trophy Find Adira’s Hammer Relic
Adira’s Regret Bronze Trophy Find Adira’s Village Heart Relic
Toshi’s Love Bronze Trophy Find Toshi’s Village Crest Relic
Toshi’s Fear Bronze Trophy Find Toshi’s Incense Relic
Toshi’s Regret Bronze Trophy Find Toshi’s Harpoon Relic
Spirit Guide Silver Trophy Defeat Corrupted Taro in the boss fight
A Heavy Hammer Silver Trophy Defeat the Corrupted Woodsmith boss
A Leader Walks Alone Silver Trophy Defeat Corrupted Toshi boss
Restore Balance Gold Trophy Defeat the Corrupted Rot God boss
Piercing Blow Bronze Trophy Hit 3 Enemies with a single Rot Infus Arrow after unlocking it
Weigh Them Down Bronze Trophy Destroy a Moth enemy with a Bomb when it’s close to the ground
Quick Draw Bronze Trophy Hit 3 critical hit spots in 3 seconds
Bow Master Bronze Trophy Hit 3 enemies with a single Multi-shot
Sharpshooter Bronze Trophy Defeat an enemy by shooting a Bomb out of the air
Between the Eyes Bronze Trophy Destroy a Shield Sticks without breaking his shield
Return to Sender Bronze Trophy Destroy a Mage with its own bomb
Triple Threat Bronze Trophy Destroy 3 enemies with a single Parry
Rot Commander Bronze Trophy Use 5 Rot Actions in a single combat
Triple Tap Bronze Trophy Destroy 3 enemies with a single dash attack
No Stone Unturned Gold Trophy Find all of the Rot
Hat Collector Silver Trophy Collect all Rot Hats
Curse Collector Silver Trophy Open all Cursed Chests
Skillful Spirit Guide Silver Trophy Unlock all ability upgrades
Good as New Bronze Trophy Restore a Flower Shrine
Restoration Master Silver Trophy Restore all of the Flower Shrines
Zen Master Silver Trophy Meditated at all Meditation Spots
The Last Stop Silver Trophy Deliver all Spirit Mail
Say Cheese Bronze Trophy Capture a picture in Photo Mode
Master Spirit Guide Gold Trophy Beat the game on Master difficulty

That’s everything you need to know about the list of all trophies in our Kena Bridge of Spirits Trophy Guide. While you are here, make sure to check out our Video Game Guides for hidden secrets in all the latest popular games right now.