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Katana ZERO: How to Unlock the Psychiatrist Boss

The Psychiatrist is hiding a secret?!

The Psychiatrist Boss fight is one of many in Katana Zero that you will have to unlock. This is because it is a secret fight and you will have to go through certain steps to do so. The Psychiatrist is a major NPC in the game that Zero will usually talk to. However, there is something that he is hiding. And you will need to find out about that. Doing so will take you on a journey that unlocks a fight sequence with the Psychiatrist.

How to unlock the Psychiatrist boss fight in Katana ZERO


How to Unlock the Psychiatrist Boss in Katana ZERO | Secret Boss Fight

  • Hang up the phone while at the factory level and ask for medicine. Keep hanging up until you exhaust the conversation. At the very end answer the phone with ‘Hello’. After this, you will be called to the Psychiatrist. Keep interrupting him by asking for medicine constantly.
  • The next major step is to anger the receptionist. This is done at the hotel level. To anger the Receptionist, all you have to do is keep interrupting her mid-conversation. This will make her very angry resulting in her death. After this, you will be called to the Psychiatrist again. Keep interrupting him by asking for medicine constantly till he gives it to you.
  • After this go to Club Neon. Before entering the DJ booth you will get a call. Make sure you don’t answer and then enter the booth. Inside the booth keep asking the DJ about the drug he uses. Eventually, the DJ dies as someone kills him.
  • Now, you will be called for another session with the Psychotherapist. However, this time around deny the drug when offered. The Psychiatrist asks you to get out of his office.
  • Now, make your way to the prison level. At this level, you will have to kill all Police Officers around.
  • After this, you will be called in for another psychotherapy session. At this moment choose the ‘F*uck you’ option. After this, the Psychiatrist should say “I’m almost disappointed that you’re still alive, after what you’ve put me through.” This is an indication of the secret boss fight.
  • Now make your way to your psychiatric session in Bunker Part 2. Keep conversing with the Psychiatrist and the boss fight will begin.

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