Call of Duty: Mobile – How to Unlock New Katana Operator Skill

Are you are Samurai or a Soldier?

Want to try out something new in Call of Duty Mobile then why not unlock a Sword. Days of Summer Event started on July 29th and this season brought in a new Katana Operator Skill in the game. Many of COD Mobile players are fascinated about the weapon and struggling on how to unlock it. To save your time I tell you in detail what exactly you have to do to unlock the new Katana Operator Skill in Call of Duty Mobile.

How to unlock the Sword in COD Mobile?

Katana or the Sword comes with special requirements. After unlocking this weapon it is accessible through the load-out. To unlock Katana you have to complete 10 challenges in Call of Duty Mobile. Below is the list of all ten matches, play them all one by one and the Katana Operator Skill will be in your pocket.

  1. Play 10 Frontline Matches
  2. Get Occupy Point 10 Times in Hardpoint Matches
  3. Play 8 Domination Matches
  4. Play 10 MP Matches with Friends
  5. Place First of MVP in 4 MP Matches
  6. Play 30 TDM Matches
  7. Kill 5 enemies with Operator skills
  8. Play 3 Gulag Gunfight Matches
  9. Cumulative Login for 5 days
  10. Kill 5 Enemies with DR-H in any mode

All the above matches might look overwhelming but some of them are easy to complete. For example, playing 8 Domination Matches. You just have to repeat the type of match and this objective will be completed. After completing all the 10 matches you will unlock the Katana Operator Skill in Call of Duty Mobile. The skill is accessible via the load-out like all other skills in COD Mobile.

What does the Katana Skill do?

Katana Skill will allow you to draw out a sword and swiftly kill enemies at a close range. You can also detect enemies within the shroud of any smoke grenade. It is a close-range one-hit-kill skill in Call of Duty Mobile. But be careful while using it, the sword is not faster than bullets. It can be a highly useful skill if you have enough cover around with multiple enemies charging at you.

Follow the above steps to unlock Katana Operator Skills in Call of Duty Mobile, and stay tuned for more updates.