KartRider Rush+ Grabs 3 Million Pre-Registration Within First Week

A Heroic Tale Unfolds

Nexon’s upcoming game KartRider Rush+ hits three million pre-registration. Expected to release on May 31, there is still time to pre-register. Pre-registration began on April 16 and April 23, there are a few days left to enroll. Players who pre-register are illegible for some cool rewards at the launch. 

Played by over 300 Million players worldwide, this kart racing game is entertaining its audience from quiet a long time. The first KartRider game was launched in the year 2004 on PC and later in 2011, KartRider Rish was released on App Store. KartRider Rush+ the most recent title brings unique content, enhanced gameplay and all necessary reasons to try this game.

With various modes, character customization is also a prominent aspect of KartRider Rush+. It gives users the choice to pick from various outfits, accessories, and karts. There are many customization options with decals and pets. KartRider Rush+ features new modes including the story mode that will help players to learn everything about races.

  1. Speed Race: Earn licenses that unlock more challenging race tracks as you progress and rely on pure drifting skills to reach the finish line
  2. Arcade Mode: Choose from a selection of gameplay modes such as Item Race, Infini-Boost, or Lucci Runner that add an extra layer of fast-paced thrill to your races
  3. Ranked Mode: From Bronze to Living Legend, climb up the Racing Tiers and earn respect among your peers
  4. Story Mode: Join Dao and friends and help them stop the treacherous Pirate Captain Lodumani’s evil deeds
  5. Time Trial: Beat the clock and make your mark as the fastest racer

KartRider Rush+ features 45+ race tracks. Club features allows players to join forces and complete quest. Below is the list of new items you can get in the game along with bonus rewards.

  • Skelemech kart
  • Sluggar Dao character
  • 5,000 turbo crystals
  • Angel wing headgear
  • Star driftmoji
  • 1,000 Lucci coins
  • 3,000 k-coins
  • 500 Lucci
  • Prism plate – Bonus Reward
  • Prism helmet – Bonus Reward
  • CA goggles – Bonus Reward
  • CA plate – Bonus Reward

KartRider Rush+ expected release is on May 31, and if you had not pre-registered you can visit Google Play Store or Nexon.com, to signup.