Kaizen Tier List – Best Clans and Curses

Want to know the best Clans and Curses? Then check out this Roblox Kaizen Tier List.

If you are looking for a tier list of the best Clans and Curses in Kaizen, then you’re right where you want to be. With so many different groups and magical abilities, it can become difficult for players to choose the best one. It is important to understand which Clans and Curses you should roll for. And since you will be engaging in PvP battles to become the best sorcerer in the game, we have got a tier list below to help you out.

Clans Tier List in Kaizen )

best clans in roblox kaizen

Here is our Clans Tier list in Kaizen ranked from best to worst.

S Tier Clans

  • Nanami
  • Zenin
  • Kugisaki

A Tier

  • Kamo
  • Miwa

B Tier Clans

  • Ino
  • Hoshi
  • Haba

C Tier

  • Yoshino
  • Hari

D Tier Clans

  • Akiyama
  • Hari
  • Eldritch
  • Leiri
  • Sonoda
  • Sotomura
  • Yoshino
  • Takashi
  • Sasaki
  • Rayburn

Nanami is the best Clan in Kaizen as it possesses the powerful ‘Overtime Angry’ ability and also provides +100 HP, +250 Stamina, +30% Curse, and weapon damage. Legendary clans like Zenin and Kugisaki as well are also known for their ‘Wrath’ and ‘Red Scale’ abilities respectively.

In the absence of them, you can also rely on clans from the A tier like Kamo and Miwa who are quite solid. The B and C-tier Clans don’t have impressive stats but they are still usable. However, you must do your best to stay away from the D tier clans as their stats are weak and will do more harm than good.

Curses Tier List in Kaizen

best curses in kaizen roblox

Here is our Clans Tier list in Kaizen ranked from best to worst.

S Tier Curses

  • Disaster Plant
  • Cursed Flames
  • Straw Doll

A Tier Curses in Kaizen

  • Cursed Speech
  • Cryo Frost
  • Shock Amplification

B Tier

  • Ten Shadow
  • Construction
  • Idle Transfiguration

C Tier

  • Devil’s Broom

The best and most effective Curse in Kaizen is the Cursed Flames. This skill gives you up to five different Flame attacks that include AoE and bonus effects. The other S-tier curses like the Disaster Plant and Straw Doll are quite powerful in their own right too.

However, if those curses don’t fancy you, you can also get A-tier curses like Cryo Frost, Shock Amplification and Cursed Speech. They are decent replacements for the S tier. B-tier curses on the other hand can only be relied on during early game. As you keep progressing in Roblox Kaizen, make it a point to switch to better-ranked Curses. Lastly, you must avoid C-tier Curses as they are very weak and can’t be depended on in PvP battles.

That’s everything you need to know in our Kaizen Tier list of the best Clans and Curses. We hope these rankings were able to help you. If you want to get free rewards in this Roblox game, then check out all the Kaizen Codes on Gamer Tweak.