Kai Cenat Twitch Earnings, Sub Count, & Followers (2023)

Wondering how many subs does KaiCenat have on Twitch or how much he makes? Keep reading to find out!

KaiCenat has the current record of being the Streamer with the most active subscribers. And this is a big achievement because only a few other content creators have gotten this achievement in that space. So when you have a streamer as big as Kai Cenat on Twitch, many people wonder about his earnings, sub count, and followers. And while all these are normal questions, their answers are equally interesting. So, check out everything about his stats from his subscribers & followers to how much money he makes.

Kai Cenat Twitch Sub Count

KaiCenat Sub Count and Earnings on Twitch

KaiCenat roughly has a total of 39,106 subs in the last month from April 11th, 2023 to May 11th, 2023. Thanks to TwitchMetrics for their information about subscribers and earnings of KaiCenat. These Subscribers can be separated into 4 tiers these are:

  • Tier 1: 29,708
  • Prime: 9,380
  • Tier 2: 11
  • Tier 3: 7

And among the above subscribers, there have been 3,850 new subscribers. As for the Gift Subs, they are as follows:

  • Gifted Subs Tier 1: 9,105
  • Gifted Subs Tier 2: 15
  • Gifted Subs Tier 3: 14

Kai Cenat Twitch Followers Count

At the time of writing this article, he has 5.1M Followers on Twitch. He also has 1.3M followers on Twitter and 4M followers on Instagram. And he has two channels on Youtube. On his main channel Kai Cenat, he has 3.62M subscribers on his second channel Kai Cenat Live 2.47M subscribers.

How Much Does KaiCenat Earn on Twitch?

The roughly estimated earnings of KaiCenat is around $97,667. But this revenue is only from his Twitch subscribers. This doesn’t include sub donations, merchandise, and sponsorships. And as mentioned, he has two YouTube channels which is another good source of his revenue. He has uploaded 297 videos on his main channel and 797 videos on his secondary channel, at the time of writing this article.

So if we were to take all of that into account his net worth comes to anywhere around $3 million.

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