How To Start The Kaboomball Kombat Event In Genshin Impact

Are you having trouble with the Kaboomball Kombat Event In Genshin Impact? Check here to know how to start it right here

Kaboomball Kombat in Genshin Impact is a brand new event that allows players to earn tons of rewards by taking part in activities with up to 240 primogems up for offer. If you wish to know how everything about the Kaboomball Kombat event Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place.

How To Start The Kaboomball Kombat In Genshin Impact

To start the Kaboomball Kombat Genshin Impact, you will need to reach Adventure Rank 21. Once you have this, check for the quest titled, “Big Badaboom Battle”. Starting this quest will take you to the Golden Apple Archipelago’s blue dome. Once here all you have to do is follow the quest marker and then interact with Albedo’s painting.

how to start kaboomball kombat event in genshin impact

You can opt for a solo match or enter matchmaking and play with someone else. Once the game start, you will need to play a game of tennis of sorts.

How To Play Kaboomball Kombat in Genshin Impact

To play the Kaboombal Kombat in Genshin Impact, all you have to do is use your Dodoguard and hit the Kamboomballs back at the fortress and destroy it. If you time it right, you can hit a perfect return and score high points, the trick is to wait until the Kaboomball is near to your character and then hit it back.

There are different types of Kamboomballs that you will need to face and each causes a different effect when it hits you.

  • Super-Simple Ball – A simple and regular ball.
  • Foggy-Groggy Ball – If you get hit with it, it will obscure your vision.
  • Chilly-Frilly Ball – If you get hit with it, it will apply the Cryo effect on you and make you slow.
  • Breezy-Burny Ball – Does massive damage when returned to the fortress.
  • Matter-Chatter Ball – After you hit this one back the fortress with send three balls in quick succession.
  • Twisty-Turny Ball – Very hard to predict how this ball will come towards you.

Along with this, you will have Shazamfruits, consuming these will help you get buffs that will help you to score more points. There are three types of Shazamfruits in the Kaboombal event in Genshin Impact.

  • Zoom-Fwoom Fruit – Get movement speed buff for a short time.
  • Fury Fruit – Get Fury buff or extend the time of the Dodofortress’s Fury Faze.
  • Ping Pong Fruit – Automatically return Kaboomballs for a short time.

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How To Get Kaboomball Kombat Rewards In Genshin Impact

To get Kaboomball Kombat Rewards In Genshin Impact you will need to earn Enigma Gears, which you can do by completing the various challenges that are given to you. Once you have enough of the Enigma Gears in the game, you can go to the event shop to spend them.

You can purchase Primogems for the Enigma Gears, there’s a total of 240 Primogems to be earned during this event in Genshin Impact. The Kaboombal event in Genshin Impact runs from July 2nd to July 17th giving you enough time to complete each event and earn maximum rewards.

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