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Just Die Already ‘Naked’ Teaser Is A Hilarious Parody Of Death Stranding

Those who have seen the E3 2016 reveal trailer of Death Stranding are going to enjoy the teaser of Just Die Already even more. That’s because it’s a spoof that takes the seriousness of the original and turns it on its head.

The setting of the beach, the camera movement and of course, the nakedness – they are all there in the “Naked teaser” as they are calling it.


Take a look at it here:

It starts off with a black screen and a line of text – Hideo Kojima, please unblock my number – which is sure to make viewers chuckle. It then goes on to show the visuals that are reminiscent of Kojima’s Death Stranding, but in a completely wacky way.


The video ends with the title and the text “Old People Mayhem Sandbox”. The character also farts towards the end, giving all of us a glimpse into just how weird this game is going to be. That’s no surprise though, because this game is brought to you be those who designed Goat Simulator. Be sure to pause and read the text that appears at the 2 minute mark because the maker directly addresses Hideo Kojima and asks him to follow him back on Twitter.

If you want to see the original trailer of Death Stranding, here it is:


Now, Just Die Already, like Goat Simulator, has an interesting concept. In the near future, where people aren’t having children, there are old people who are struggling to survive. Will you be able to survive as an old, retired person? Well, we can’t wait to find out.

Just Die Already is slated to launch on PC this summer. If you are intrigued about this game, check out its announcement trailer here and add the game to your wishlist on steam.


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