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Just Die Already – Crazy Sandbox by DoubleMoose Studio

Just Die Already Announce

DoubleMoose studio, founded by Goat Simulator designer Armin Ibrisagic, announced Just Die Already, a fun sandbox where users transform into older people and do all kinds of crazy things. At the same time, the developers released the first trailer of the game, in which they demonstrated the main features of the game.

The video shows how the main characters in different ways interact with the environment and non-player characters. For example, they use a horn to scare passers-by, shoot from a variety of weapons, fireworks, fight with lightsabers, and so on.

The protagonists in Just Die Already do not die when they are injured. They are able to move, even if they have lost several limbs or half of the body. Individual NPCs in the project have the great physical strength and are able to avenge players for various dirty tricks, for example, set fire to them or throw them out the window.

The description of Just Die Already says that users will explore the world and perform a variety of non-trivial missions. For example, one of the tasks will offer to launch the main character from the catapult. The reward for completing assignments will be coupons for nursing homes. According to the plot, the protagonists want to calmly retire, but today’s youth do not want to take care of them. That is why grandparents will try to secure a calm old age on their own.

The last feature of the project is the combination of objects. For example, players are free to attach a huge firework to a bicycle with a special gun and ride on such an unusual vehicle.

Just Die Already will be released this summer on PC (Steam). The project supports a network cooperative of up to four people.