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Just Corseca Striker Review

Let's look at the latest Just Corseca Striker in this review, to find out how it holds up against other TWS in the market right now.

Just Corseca is one of the rising names in the world of Bluetooth headphones with numerous models in their arsenal. Being able to provide new technologies at a much more competitive price when compared to the competition has put the spotlight on this brand. Their new Striker model JST404 earbuds pair have managed to achieve the same fame in the market. So today we will look at what makes this model different and look at both its pros & cons. So here’s our review of Just Corseca Striker Earbuds.

Just Corseca Striker Review


JUST Corseca Striker


Just Corseca Striker opts for the familiar design from premium earbuds with ear clips for a secure fit. This helps to make the earbuds stay secure in their place even during vigorous activities like workouts or commuting in public transport systems like the subway during rush hours. You don’t need to be worried about the earbuds falling off your ear, thanks to the well-designed ear hooks.


The charging case holds a 700mAh battery for a promised 35 hrs playtime. In my testing, I was able to reach 85-90% close to promised playtime on 60% volume. On 100% volume, a drop in playtime was evident. Nevertheless, the earbuds are good enough for 2-day listening time for someone like me when paired with a quick charge in between.

The charging case is equipped with LED light dots to indicate the current case energy level, and a digital numerical display to indicate the battery percentage of the earbuds themselves. Both are really useful in managing and planning out the charging routines throughout your daily experience.



Just Corseca Striker is Passive ENC-enabled, meaning gives an efficient seal on your ear to block almost everything around you. The earbuds are able to cut off all the loud noise and offer a pleasant hearing experience. Even though the bass was not how I prefer, the inbuilt chipset was able to deliver amazing music quality at highs, and mids across all the major genres.

The Striker also provides inbuilt mics which were able to pick up my voice even in a loud environment. The person on the other side confirmed that they were able to hear my words clearly and that the background noises did not affect them. For this price range, other earbuds largely struggle to provide both listening and mic quality. Considering all that, Just Corseca Striker comes out as the winner among all other TWS earbuds.

Verdict: Is It Worth It?


Striker Bluetooth earbuds

An astonishingly long battery life, awesome audio quality, and well-placed microphone make Just Corseca Striker a clear winner in its segment. Move over lack of any visible buttons, and a responsive touch-sensitive control system design is able to turn heads no matter where you are. This TWS managed to give you a proper ear seal with its Passive ENC for a noise-canceling experience that’s unparalleled when compared to the rival models. All these in a package with 35 hours of battery make Just Corseca Striker a must-buy in our review. A worthy beautiful earbud with all the bells and whistles.

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