Just Cause Video Game To Be Made Into A Film

Video games have been great on their own but they don’t do so well when translated into movies, without the exception of a few, but news has broken that Just Cause might be on the verge of being made into a film.

The games on their own are a world of fun but to translate that into a film while knowing for a fact that the game lacked any serious or dialogue worth mentioning is a cause for alarm. In the past games like Tomb Raider or even World Of Warcraft but the jury is still against when it comes to video game movies.

The company that produced the Resident Evil franchise has grabbed the rights to the Just Cause films and one thing is that they know how to churn out a profit and make highly commercialized movies.

To bring hope to this project, the writer Derek Kolstad who created and wrote John Wick so maybe not all will be bad and we can only hope that this project turns out as great as the John Wick films have.

Filming is scheduled to begin next year and hopefully, it will come out for the public in two year’s time, that is if everything goes smooth which in Hollywood is a big if.

Let us know what you think about this and how the film will pan out according to you.