Jungle Temple Duck Map Guide In Goose Goose Duck

Here's everything you should know about the Jungle Temple map of Goose Goose Duck.

Goose Goose Duck is a multiplayer social deduction game similar to Among Us. While its in-game elements like game modes and different roles keep you entertained, the game still has much more to offer. Speaking of it, the Jungle Temple map is one of the most adventurous maps of Goose Goose Duck. If you are new to this game and are looking for a helping hand, then this guide is all you need. Read til the end to know some important details about the Jungle Temple map.

Jungle Temple Map Guide In Goose Goose Duck

Before you start playing in a Server, it is important that you get the gist of Jungle Temple. Here are some points that will help you know about it:

Jungle Temple Map Guide In Goose Goose Duck

  • Horn Location – It is used to call an Emergency Meeting. Although, you can find it in the Pit of Worship.
  • Cameras/Intercoms – Cameras in this game are used to look at different portions of the maps. Whereas, Intercoms are what you need to broadcast a message throughout the map. Unfortunately, there are no Cameras or Intercoms in the Jungle Temple map of Goose Goose Duck.
  • Sabotages – Ducks can perform certain tasks to Sabotage and cause hindrance to the Geese. There are in total 4 locations in Jungle Temple where you can complete certain tasks to Sabotage. Here are they:
    • Doors (Training Grounds)
    • Feed God (Pit of Worship)
    • Bridge (Throne Room)
    • Boulder (Hallway to the West of Staging Area)
    • Summon Darkness (Burial Chamber) – Geese can undo the Darkness spell by lighting the torches.
  • Hiding Locations – Ducks or Geese can use spots like Vent, Fog, or Sewers to hide. Further, in the Jungle Temple location of Goose Goose Duck, there are 2 locations where you can find Fog to hide. They are found at:
    • North entrance of Burial Chamber.
    • Eastern entrance of Preparation Room & Staging Room.
  • Hazards – Entering certain locations can cause a Goose to die before it is killed by a Duck. Such a location is known as Map Hazard. In the Jungle Temple map, there are 2 Map Hazards. Just make sure that you don’t stand on the wooden bridges for too long. Moreover, avoid standing in Boulders’ way.

That covers everything on the Jungle Temple map of Goose Goose Duck. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Goose Goose Duck guides on Gamer Tweak.