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Best Tips for Jungle Adventure Mode in PUBG Mobile

Hot air balloons, jungle food, totems and lots more.

PUBG Mobile has added a new Jungle Adventure mode which is only on the Sanhok map. It will be found randomly so all you have to do is see the bottom right part of the screen. You will know if it’s the normal one or the jungle mode in PUBG Mobile. In this guide, we will tell you some useful tricks to make the most of Mysterious Jungle Adventure mode in PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Mobile – Jungle Adventure Mode Tricks

Here are the features of this new mode in PUBG and tricks on how to take advantage of what it offers.

Hot Air Balloons

One of the newest features added in PUBG is the hot air balloon. Players can enter it and go up and down as they wish, but unfortunately, you can’t do anything else to change the location of the hot air balloon.

Be careful when your hot air balloon is too low and enemies are around, because your opponents can throw grenades, molotov cocktails or shoot at you. You won’t be able to use your gun while you are in the hot air balloon and you can jump off whenever you want with the parachute that will open up. This hot air balloon isn’t for fun, but it’s actually a great way to scout the map for enemies and totems. Find out more about totems below.

Totems in PUBG Mobile

Another important addition to the Jungle Adventure Mode in PUBG are the totems. When players find these totems, they can invoke or pray to it to get rewards. There are three types of totems in PUBG – Protection totems, Strategy totems and Power totems. You will see red, green and yellow totem jewels, each of which provide different items when you pray to them.

The red jewel statue will give you weapons, green will give you utilities and equipment and yellow will give you helmets, healing items and more. These totems will prove to be quite beneficial in the game with their restorative powers that impact energy, health and armor.

Players can also get Lost Trunk and Barrier totems through this. With the Barrier totem you can throw barriers to protect yourself during battle, while you can use the Lost Trunk in the Lost Treasures event. These Barrier totems will withstand quite a lot of bullets before breaking down. Note that, after a certain duration, the Totem will recharge so you can come back to it to gain extra loot.

Jungle Fruit in PUBG

If you end up eating a fruit here, one of two things might happen. Either you will become dizzy and feel temporarily sick or you will get some mysterious powers like knowing the airdrop locations on the mini-map, audio markers distance or restoration of health or energy. You can take a risk and see what this Jungle food will give you.

So this is what you need to know about the Jungle Adventure Mode in PUBG mobile. Keep reading some more useful PUBG guides right here on GamerTweak.