June Player Of The Month (POTM) MLB The Show 21

This guide will show you how to get the June POTM Kyle Schwarber Card in MLB Show 21.

There is a new June Player Of The Month (POTM) in MLB The Show 21. Kyle Schwarber is the POTM for June and gets a new card. His player card is now rated at 98 OVR and is one of the highest ever rated cards in the game. So, scroll down and find out how to get the new June POTM card.

How to get June Player Of The Month Kyle Schwarber in MLB The Show 21?

MLB The Show 21 June Player Of The Month

To get the June POTM card you will have to complete all the Fourth Innings Missions in the game. Completing all these missions will get you Monthly Reward Points. You can then cash in these points in the Fourth Innings Program.

  • Get 15 Monthly Awards points for collecting 25 April Monthly Awards and Topps Now Players.
  • Get 62 Monthly Awards by completing all the Fourth Innings Missions.

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Available June Monthly Rewards

  • Tyler Stephenson, 92 OVR, Catcher, Cincinnati Reds
  • Charlie Morton, 93 OVR, Starting Pitcher, Atlanta Braves
  • Tyler Glasnow, 94 OVR, Starting Pitcher, Tampa Bay Rays
  • Tommy Pham, 94 OVR, Left Fielder, San Diego Padres
  • Ryan Pressly, 95 OVR, Closing Pitcher, Houston Astros
  • Bryan Reynolds, 95 OVR, Center Fielder, Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Jonathan Schoop, 95 OVR, First Baseman, Detroit Tigers
  • Carlos Correa, 96 OVR, Shortstop, Houston Astros

To get the June Player Of The Month Card in MLB The Show 21 you will have to complete and earn 100 Monthly Points. We are saying this on the basis of the Rewards Route for the April POTM.

Other June Monthly Rewards

1 Point The Show Pack
4 Points 1000 Stubs
5 Points Evolution Rewind Choice Pack
7 Points 2 The Show Packs
10 Points June Evolution Choice Pack
11 Points 1000 Stubs
14 Points Headliners Set 5 Pack
15 Points June Evolution Choice Pack
19 Points Headliners Set 6 Pack
23 Points 2500 Stubs
25 Points Prime Zack Britton (93 OVR)
29 Points Ballin’ is a Habit Pack
31 Points 3 The Show Packs
33 Points 2500 Stubs
34 Points 5 The Show Packs
35 Points 5000 Stubs & Gold Pocket Watch Daily Moment Profile Icon

This is everything you need to know about the June Player Of The Month in MLB The Show 21. Now that you are here make sure you have a look at our MLB The Show 21 Wiki to learn more about the game.

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