Jump Force Tier List – Characters Ranked From Best To Worst

Here is a tier list of all the characters in Jump Force ranked from best to worst.

Jump Force will make you feel like a hero that can conquer the world. The characters in the game are all hardcore and powerful and you remind will weaver in all different directions when it will come to choosing a character. So in this guide, we have created a tier list of all the heroes in Jump Force and ranked them from best to worst to help you choose the best character in the game.

Jump Force Tier List

Jump Force

Sabo A
Sasuke Uchiha A
Gon Freecss A
Kakashi Hatake A
Kenshin Himura A
Vegeta A
Asta A
Goku A
Hisoka A
Rukia Kuchiki B
Yugi Moto B
Dragon Shiryu B
Izuku Midoriya B
Monkey D Luffy B
Boruto Uzumaki B
Pegasus Seiya B
Ryo Saeba B
Sosuke Aizen B
Kenshiro B
Dai C
Killua Zoldyck C
Boa Hancock C
Marshall D Teach C
Cell C
Yusuke Urameshi C
Sanji C
Roronoa Zoro C
Jotaro Kujo C
Kaguya Otsutsuki D
Renji Abarai D
Kurapika D
Dio D
Piccolo D
Trunks D
Toguro D

Here are all the characters in Jump Force ranked from best to worst to help you choose the best hero in the game.

A Tier – A tier characters are the best of the best. Choosing these will give you guaranteed wins. They are the characters that possess the stats that can overpower every other character in the game.

B Tier – B Tier characters will give you stats that are all-rounder. They will be perfect for people who do not focus on any one type of playstyle and have their stats averaged out on various aspects.

C Tier – C tier characters are the ones that if you know what are you doing with them, you will definitely earn a few wins. They may require some leveling up of your skills and the characters equally but can prove to be the game-changers.

D Tier – D tier characters are the last characters that you pick in the game. This however in no way means that they are completely useless. They have their owns positive and negative points that the players can work with.

So that is all for our guide on the Jump force tier list with all characters ranked from best to worst. If you would like to know more tier lists, we have covered some amazing games for you to check out.

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