Watch 15 Seconds Live Action TV Spot Of Jump Force

Watch Full 16 Min PS4 Gameplay

Bandai Namco released 15 seconds live TV Spot for Jump Force in Japan. The game is releasing on 15 February on PS4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. It is coming a day earlier in Japan on Valentine’s day February 14, 2019.

Jump Force will feature 42 playable characters from various popular Anime like Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Hunter x Hunter, etc. Bandai Namco’s impressive mixture of the multitalented cast will be landing into one single arena to fight face to face.

Jump Force will also have an expensive Collector’s edition but without Character Pass. Character Pass is required to get access to the DLC and players will need to pay separately for the DLC content. The game already scored high points from critics that points Bandai Namco’s experiment have created enough excitement to incite gamers to hit the Buy button.

The video above is 16min Jump Force Gameplay that was released on YouTube on February 6 and it was able to garner more than 8 Million views. The game takes you to a 360degree arena, where players will be fighting with each other as popular Manga superheroes.

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