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Far Cry 6 Joseph Collapse DLC Review

Find out in this Far Cry 6 Joseph Collapse DLC Review, why it's so good.

After exploring the world offered in the last 2 DLCs in FC6 Season Pass, players are sure about what to expect in the Joseph’s Collapse DLC. The formula is the same rogue-lite where the players take an insight into the character’s mind, on their path of self redemption. But considering Joseph being the least liked antagonist among all the FC Villains, can he carry a whole DLC on his shoulders? We will be sharing our experience in this Far Cry 6 Joseph Collapse DLC Review.

Far Cry 6 Collapse DLC Review


Far Cry 6 Collapse DLC Review

Far Cry 6 Joseph Collapse DLC presents you a darker version of Hope County, Montana after the nuclear ending. But like the previous entries, this one also takes place in the mind of the main character, so the world is green with life. But the world is filled with followers of Joseph, now turned against him as he failed to save them as per his promises. Joseph’s followers take the role of his inner demons and sins haunting him for his sins.

The DLC makes the events that lead to Joseph becoming the man he is in FC5. This DLC is especially a redemption story, where the “God” voice is guiding Joseph the entire journey. The voice of God, having a close resemblance to Joseph’s own voice, can be expressed as his own inner demons talking to him.


Plot & Setting

Far Cry 6 Collapse DLC Plot Setting

The world of Joseph Seed’s mind is perfect for Collapse. He wakes up in the same bunker he was holding himself during the nuclear ending of FC5. Joseph Seed knows inside his mind he can’t forgive himself for letting his family die. He can’t overcome his failure to save the people of Hope County. But when his inner “God” voice offers redemption, he chooses to follow the voice once again.


You need to find new weapons to kill your followers who have fallen into the darkness. This follows the same path of representing enemies in the previous Far Cry 6 DLCs. So in short instead of shooting at the innocents of Hope County, the followers shoot at you, the one they previously called the Father.

Like other DLCs in the season pass, Collapse will need you to find three fractured pieces of a cross. This is the direct representation of his faith that failed him. The story follows an egoistic Seed who is finally setting aside his viewpoint to save what’s left of his faith and the reflection of Hope County in his mind. We are not going into much detail here to keep all the surprises and story intact for you without any spoilers.



Gameplay FC6 Joseph Collapse DLC

In this journey of cleansing away Seed’s sins, you just hold a basic pistol and a single healing syringe (trait). You set out to increase your armory and inventory to take on tougher enemies representing your inner demons. Joseph can do this by collecting penance, clearing locations of enemies, and collecting traits to unlock more skills.

You follow the same pattern of previous DLCs with WTF missions, to understand Seed better, Armory challenges for new weapons, special Trials for unlocking special skills, etc. The only downside to the gameplay is that you will be exploring the world map on foot. There are options to get yourself a wingsuit, and also a horse to explore the map. But still, the DLC lacks a fast travel option other than specific ports on the map which takes you from one Memory location to another. All other exploration is done on foot.

One thing upgraded from the last two DLCs is the new AI system we noticed, which now allows the enemies to take better cover, and even throw bombs to bring you out into a location. Takedowns have been changed to suit Seed’s style by using his bible and using thumbs into enemy eye sockets. The AI also supports gunplay, where instead of being bullet sponges, you can use proper headshots to take down an enemy.


Joseph Collapse Graphics

Even though Hope County is not filled with colors and graphical marvels like in the minds of Pagan or Vaas, Collapse adds its own twist to the map. There are stunning levels with white marble altars where you fight your family members, upside-down bunkers with good visual elements, and a lot more to appeal to the visual fanatics. Still, we wished the devs made this one better than it is in the current state. It’s good, but as the final DLC, it should have gone out with a visual explosion.

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Far Cry 6 Collapse DLC Review Verdict

Far Cry 6 Collapse DLC Review Verdict

With everything said, Collapse still manages to be one of the best DLCs ever made in the entire Far Cry franchise. With improved AI and high-risk missions in higher mind levels, the gameplay is fun and exciting with improved gunplay. Also adding in a new before-seen back story to the Seed family, Joseph’s Collapse DLC manages to come out as the best fun to play among all the DLCs in the FC6 season pass. So now with the release of the final DLC, we would suggest you go for the Season Pass, which also includes Vaas’s Insanity and Pagan’s Control DLCs, to get the most out of your Far Cry experience and tie in all the recent games together.

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Best DLC in Far Cry series

Redemption is Sweet

Experiencing the story of Joseph Seed and his family is unforgettable. This one tells you everything that leads up to events of FC5.

  • Location Setting 7.5
  • Plot 8.5
  • Gameplay 9
  • Map 7.5
  • New Content 9.5