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John Wick Hex Finally Makes It Way To The PlayStation 4

It has been a growing trend that almost every global hit movie gets a video game remake and John Wick Hex is that game for the John Wick series. The game takes a detour from the visual showcase seem in the live-action film with a more focused theme on comic book style.

John Wick Hex follows Keanu Reeves’ character in a new format which looks a lot like comic book design. The best part about this is the fact that it shows the same mayhem with guns that have made John Wick such a huge success.

You get multiple choices of weapons and techniques of taking down your opponents in the game and this game serves as the prequel to the film series.

The story of the game follows much like the movies too, every assassin in the game is out to kill John Wick and you must outwit and outlive each and every one. The art design of the game looks impressive and this should give players a new perspective.

John Wick has been featured in other game earlier too, he has a character dedicated to him in Fortnite and this will be in addition to John Wick’s video game appearances. It isn’t, however, clear at this moment if the games will follow the film in narrative.

John Wick Hex is finally coming to the PlayStation 4 on May 5th and is developed by Bithell Games. Make sure that you check out GamerTweak for news about latest game releases and much more.