Who Is Jenna Roblox Hacker – Is She Real & Back In 2023?

You may have heard about the return of Jenna who is a "Roblox hacker" and rumors that she will hack Roblox in 2023. Is it true or fake? Find out here.

There have been various rumors re-surfacing in the Roblox community about Jenna, the Roblox hacker and how she is about to return in 2023. Since the major demographic of Roblox are young kids and teens, many are feeling scared and wondering if their personal information will get hacked into. Is she real? Here’s the truth behind all of these rumors.

Who is Jenna Roblox Hacker (AGirlJennifer) & is She Real?

jenna roblox hacker account profile
Jenna Roblox Profile

A Roblox Profile named AGirlJennifer is the supposed “hacker” because there’s a Roblox experience created called AGirlJennifer’s Place. Once you open up the game and follow the ‘blood trail path’, you end up climbing a hill. As soon as you climb up and reach a cave, the game shows you a red and black screen that says “Content Deleted” and you get kicked from the experience. You will also see 7878787878 on the Disconnected window. Don’t worry – Jenna or AGirlJennifer’s Place isn’t hacking your Roblox account. There is no acknowledgment about this hacker from the official Roblox sources and it’s just a rumor, possibly to get more visits to the game. The About section of the user also has Content Deleted written in a strange text to add to the scare factor.

jenna roblox game place

jenna horror roblox 787878 error code

Jenna Roblox Story

So, here’s the story behind this character. Jenna was a Roblox online dater in 2017 and if the boys broke up with her, she would hack them and find out where they lived IRL. People said that since she is “coming back” she is going to hack girls this time. So, many videos are suggesting that girls with Roblox accounts need to change their avatar into a boy or go offline to avoid being hacked. But again, all of this is fiction and not true.

Just make sure to never give away your Roblox password to someone online or a third-party website to protect your account. Also, remember to keep changing the password regularly to keep it safe. When you do this, your Roblox account will not get hacked.

It seems that the Jenna account was made for a Roblox Horror Movie named The Oder and the rumors may have started from there. So, if you end up seeing someone making a character that looks like Jenna and starts following you around in a game, don’t be scared. They cannot hack you and are trying to scare you so leave the game and join again after some time.

That’s basically everything about Jenna Roblox Hacker and the story behind the rumors. For more related to this platform, be sure to check our Roblox guides section. If you like to play more Roblox games, then we’ve got codes for hundreds of them. Check out our massive list of Roblox Game Codes and Roblox Promo Codes that you can use to get freebies this month.