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How & Where To Get Elden Ring Jellyfish Summon (Location)

Here's how & where to get Elden Ring Jellyfish Summon with the location.

Jellyfish is one of the first and the cutest Spirit companion you get in the game. But many new players don’t have this Spirit companion, even though they have seen this on YouTube or Twitch. But it’s really easy to get if you know where to look for it. So today we will look at, how & where to get Elden Ring Jellyfish Summon.

Where to Get Jellyfish Summon Elden Ring (Location)


For the easiest way to get Elden Ring Jellyfish Summon, you need to talk to Roderika in the Stormhill Shack location. Once you complete all dialogue options (talk to her 3 times), she will give you this Spirit companion. But if you missed this, and she moves to Roundtable Hold, then talk to her there to get this Spirit Summon. You need to select the “Please” option, once she becomes a Spirit Tuner.

How to Summon Jellyfish

Elden Ring Jellyfish Summon
Image by @TheSphereHunter


To summon Jellyfish in Elden Ring, you need to get a Spirit Calling Bell. The ‘Twin Maiden Husks’ at the Roundtable Hold sells this item. But if you don’t want to spend Runes, then you can go to Church of Elleh in Limgrave at night, after getting Torrent from Melina. You will find blue NPC Renna there, and she will give you a Spirit Calling Bell.

Spirit Calling Bell can only be used to summon Jellyfish in particular areas with “rebirth monuments” in the world. But almost every boss fight and area will have these monuments, and will allow you to summon the spirit. Rebirth Monuments can also be found near all major locations in the map. You will know this when you see an icon appearing on the left side of your screen. Now use your Spirit Calling Bell to get Jellyfish in the fight.

That’s all about how to get this spirit companion in Elden Ring. While you are here, make sure to check out more of our Elden Ring Guides like How To Reduce & Cure Madness Effect.