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Elden Ring – How To Reach Jarburg Location?

Read this guide to learn how to reach Jarburg in Elden Ring.

Jarburg is one of many locations in Elden Ring. Found in Liurnia of the Lakes, this area is quite important, as it offers you the ability to acquire both, the Cracked Pot as well as the Ritual Pot. For many, getting to the exact location of Jarburg can be quite a task. Hence, to make things easier, we have come up with just the guide for you. Here, we will show you what you need to do to get to Jarburg.

How to Get to Jarburg Location in Elden Ring?



To get to the location of Jarburg in Elden Ring, head over to Liurnia of the Lakes. From here, move east and keep proceeding until you arrive at the Cairn Study Hall Tower. From here, proceed towards the south. Upon making your way to the nearby cliffs, look downwards.

Here, you should find numerous stone pillars jutting out of the cliff face. You need to leap onto these platforms in a slow manner in order to make your way down the mountain. Once you complete all of the stone platforms, you will find yourself at the base of Jarburg.


Once here, you will find yourself in quite familiar surroundings. This is because Alexander’s Questline, too, takes place here in Jarburg. At Jarburg, you will also find Jar Bairn.

So there you have it. This is all you need to know about Jarburg and how to get to its location in Elden Ring. As you can see, making your way to Jarburg is actually not as hard as it looks. You barely need to travel much to get to this location.

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